Masterbatches & Additives

These finely tuned chemical compounds are added to polymers to specifically modify and optimise their properties. According to the individual requirements of an application, additives function as a booster to ensure maximum performance of the plastics.

  • Function of the stabiliser to equip polymers against harmful influences
  • Function of the plasticiser to increase pliability, but also the toughness of polymers
  • Function of the reinforcer to support mechanical strength of the polymer
  • Function of the lubricant to reduce friction
  • Reducing the flammability of polymers
  • Preventing electrostatic charging
  • Inhibiting the growth of microorganisms
  • Adding of color pigments


Accelothene optimises injection moulding cycles and also offers a solution to mould filling problems.


Polymer-Service PSG GmbH

Color Masterbatch

You want to give your product a colour? Then our colour masterbatches are just the thing!

Color Masterbatch

Kunstof-Kemi A/S


Chlorinated polyethylene
CPE offers good chemical as well as mechanical properties and also has good dimensional stability.


Weifang Polygrand Chemical Co. Ltd.


Maleic anhydride-grafted ethylene-propylene copolymer
Kepa optimally improves the impact strength of polyamide.


Kumho Polychem Co. Ltd.


Thermoplastic polyester elastomer
Our TPE-E masterbatches (Keyprene) improve UV, temperature and hydrolysis resistance.


Polymer-Service PSG GmbH

Blowing agent

Endothermic blowing agent
Our blowing agents are optimisers for saving weight and improving heat and noise insulation. In addition, they can eliminate mould filling problems.


Avient Colorants Germany GmbH